What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing® is an energy healing technique using the quantum field. This healing technique allows you to change limiting beliefs and negative life patterns. These are found in your subconscious and affect you on a physical, mental, and emotional level at all times until they are identified and changed. Limiting beliefs can block abundance from coming into your life. The only requirement for this type of healing is a belief in a higher power.

About Jamie

Certified Advanced Theta Practitioner

As an advanced Theta Healer I help my clients uncover unconscious blockages and support them to overcome obstacles and negative thought patterns that can affect them on a physical, mental, and emotional level. I love to help others and share my knowledge and life experiences to bring healing and balance. It is my intention that through your Theta sessions you will gain healing, clarity, and guidance to make positive changes in your life.

About Justin

I’ve always been the type of person to help people reach their goals. I spent most of my career in business management in various industries focused on developing talent. The connections that I make with people mean a lot to me. It has been extremely rewarding seeing people reach their career goals. 

I’ve been working on my spiritual growth during the last few years. The experience was eye-opening and life-changing. I have spent time utilizing Theta techniques to amplify my direction in life and strengthen my aura. I’d describe Theta healing as an advanced healing technique that focuses on working through regrets, grudges, resentments, and subconscious beliefs. I’ve had a lot of success with this technique while helping myself and my loved ones.

I’m excited to take my passion for helping others and direct it towards helping people develop their spirituality. In my sessions, we will align your mind, body, soul, and aura to help remove roadblocks that are preventing abundance from entering your life. 

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